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B) DIGITAL SINGLE LENS REFLEX (DSLR) (Updated on 7 Feb 2013)
DSLR Camera Accessories
Lens Strap & Caps (Page12)


FWE50401 - AN-4Y Nylon Neckstrap RM98
FWE50501 - AN-4B Nylon Neckstrap RM98
FWE50602 - AN-6Y Wide Nylon Neckstrap RM178
FWE50702 - AN-6W Wide Nylon Neckstrap RM178
FWE51401 - AN-7 Regular Neckstrap, Repl. RM68
FWE51801 - AH-4 Camera Handstrap RM398
FXA10351 - AN-19 Strap for F6 RM68
VXA13083 - AN-DC1 Strap for D70s/D50 RM68
VXA13082 - AN-D200 Strap for D200 RM108
VXA16021 - AN-D300 Strap for D300 RM118
VHS00201 - AN-D700 Strap for D700 RM118
VXA16013 - AN-D2Xs Strap for D2Xs RM398
VXA16019 - AN-D3 Strap for D3 RM158
VHS00901 - AN-DC4 Strap for D300s RM158
VHS01401 - AN-DC6 Strap for D800 RM158
VHS01402 - AN-DC6E Strap for D800E RM158
VHS01501 - AN-DC7 Strap for D4 RM158

Tripod Collar Ring

JAW01001 - RT-1 AF-S 70-200mm f/4G Tripod Collar Ring RM498


JAD10101 - LC-52 52mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap RM48
JAD10201 - LC-58 58mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap RM48
JAD10301 - LC-62 62mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap RM58
JAD10401 - LC-67 67mm Snap-on Front Lens cap RM58
JAD10501 - LC-72 72mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap RM58
JAD10601 - LC-77 77mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap RM58
FAD00301 - BF-1A Body Cap RM38
FAD00401 - BF-1B Body Cap RM38
JXA10048 - Cap for AF 16mm Fisheye RM98
JXA10091 - Front cap AF14 f/2.8D lens RM68
JXA10092 - BF-3A Body Cap (Silver) RM38
JAD50101 - LF-1 Rear Lens Cap RM38
FXA10312 - BS-1 Hotshoe Cover RM10
VBW80001 - BS-2 Hotshoe Cover RM28
JXA10093 - Lens Cap for AF-S 300mm f/2.8D II RM188
JXA10094 - Lens Cap for AF-S 400mm f/2.8D II RM268
JXA10095 - Lens Cap for AF-S 500mm f/4D II RM268
JXA10096 - Lens Cap for AF-S 600mm f/4D II RM268
JXA10101 - Lens Cap for AF-S 14-24/2.8G RM58
JXA10102 - Lens Cap for AFS500/4G VR RM228

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