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Nikon - Speedlight Units & Accessories - Page14

B) DIGITAL SINGLE LENS REFLEX (DSLR) ( Updated On 17 March 2012)
Speedlight Units & Accessories - Page14

Accessories for Speedlight Units

FXA10331 - SW-10H Diffusion Dome (for SB-800) RM78
FXA10373 - SW-13H Diffusion Dome (for SB-900) RM98
FXA10341 - SD-800 Battery Pack for SB-800 RM68
FXA10236 - Attachment Screw for SD-8 RM98
FSW02302 - SD-8A High Performance Battery Pack (AA) RM828
FSW53101 - SU-4 Wireless Slave Flash Controller RM388
FSW90301 - UR-3 Adapter Ring for SB-21 & AF 60/2.8 D RM128
FXA10363 - SW-11 Extreme Close Up RM98
FXA10364 - SW-12 Diffuser RM58
FXA10362 - SW-C1 Flexible Arm Clip RM158
FXA10358 - SG-31R IR Panel for built-in flash RM58
FXA10354 - SX-1 Attachment Ring RM228
FXA10365 - SY-1-52 Adapter Ring RM88
FXA10367 - SY-1-62 Adapter Ring RM88
FXA10368 - SY-1-67 Adapter Ring RM88
FXA10369 - SY-1-72 Adapter Ring RM88
FXA10370 - SY-1-77 Adapter Ring RM88
FXA10359 - SS-R200 Soft Case RM38
FXA10342 - SS-800 SB-800 Soft Case RM38
FXA10344 - SS-600 SB-600 Soft Case RM38
FXA10372 - SS-900 SB-900 Soft Case RM88
FXA10374 - SZ-2 Colour Filter Holder (SB-900) RM68
FSW55001 - SZ-2TN Incandescent Colour Filter (SB-900 & SB-910) RM68
FSW55101 - SZ-2FL Flourescent Colour Filter (SB-900 & SB-910) RM68
FXA10360 - SS-SU800 Soft Case RM48
FXA10361 - SS-SX1 Soft Case RM48
FSW53601 - AS-19 Speedlight stand RM48
FSW53901 - AS-20 Speedlight stand RM48
FSW54101 - AS-21 Speedlight stand RM58
FSW53701 - SJ-1 Speedlight Colour Filter (SB-800) RM128
FSW54001 - SJ-2 Colour Filter Set (SB-800) RM118
FSW54201 - SJ-3 Colour Filter Set (SB-900) RM118
FSW02401 - SD 9 Battery Pack RM888
FSW54701 - SS-SD 9 Soft Case (Price to be informed later)
FSW54601 - MS-SD9 Battery Holder (SD 9) RM338

SB-900 Waterguard
FSW54301 - WG-AS1 D3 Water Guard RM98
FSW54401 - WG-AS2 D300 Water Guard RM98
FSW54501 - WG-AS3 D700 Water Guard RM98

FSW53001 - SK-6 Power Bracket for SB-22,26,28 RM1,658
FSW53002 - SK-6A Power Bracket RM1,658
FSW53201 - SK-7 Bracket RM158

VBW30001 - ME-1 Stereo Microphone RM698

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