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B) DIGITAL SINGLE LENS REFLEX (DSLR)( Updated On 10 Jan 2013 )
DSLR Camera Accessories
Filters - Page17

52mm Filter

FTA07701 - 52mm Filter NC (Neutral Color) RM188
FTA08001 - 52MM WIDE C-PL RM408
FTA08101 - 52mm soft focus filter RM288

58mm Filter

FTA70101 - 58mm Filter NC (Neutral Color) RM208
FTA70301 - 58mm Filter Circular Polarizing RM428

62mm Filter
FTA11401 - 62mm Filter NC (Neutral Color) RM258
FTA11501 - 62mm Circular Polarizing Filter RM598
FTA11601 - 62mm soft focus filter RM358

67mm Filter
FTA13101 - 67mm screw-in filter RM288
FTA13201 - 67mm circular polarizing RM618
FTA13401 - 67mm soft focus filter RM388

72mm Filter
FTA16601 - 72mm Filter NC (Neutral Color) RM338
FTA16701 - 72mm Circular Polarizing Filter RM638
FTA16801 - 72mm soft focus filter RM418

77mm Filter
FTA60801 - 77mm Filter NC (Neutral Color) RM448
FTA61001 - 77mm Circular Polarizing Filter II RM658
FTA62001 - 77mm soft focus filter RM488

Bayonet Filter (AF16mmF2.8 Fisheye)

FTA40201 - Bayonet Filter O56, Repl. RM228
FTA40301 -Bayonet Filter A2, Repl. RM228
FTA40401 - Bayonet Filter B2, Repl. RM228

Bayonet Filter
FTA40701 - Bayonet Filter L37C RM228

52mm drop-in Filter

FTA07501 - C-PL1L 52mm Drop-in circular Polarizing filter RM1,198
FTA07611 - C-PL3L 52mm Drop-in circular Polarizing filter (AF-S 200mm f/2G only) RM1,168

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