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Nikon - Remote Cords, Controls & Data Reader - Page21

B) DIGITAL SINGLE LENS REFLEX (DSLR) ( Updated On 7 Feb 2013 )
DSLR Camera Accessories
Remote Cords, Controls & Data Reader - Page21

Remote Cords

VAW18101 - MC-DC1 Remote cord for D70s/D80 RM128

VDR00101 - MC-DC2 Remote cord for D90/D5000 RM138

FRG20301 - MC-21 Extension Cord (3.0M) RM428

FRG20401 - MC-22 Remote Cord w/Pin Plugs (1M) RM368

FRG20501 - MC-23 Connecting Cord for two F90 cameras (0.4M) RM368

FRG20701 - MC-25 Adapter Cord for MC-12A (0.2M) RM428

VAW14201 - MC-E1 Charge cord for F5 RM158

FRG21101 - MC-30 Remote Release Cord for F90X (0.8M) RM428

VAG12301 - MC-35 GPS Cord for D2X/D200 RM558

FRG21601 - MC-36 Remote Release Cord for D200 (0.85M) RM588

FWW00601 - AR-3 Shutter Cable Release for F3, FA, FE2, FM2, FG, FG-20, F4 RM98

Remote Controls

FXA10253 - ML-3 Transmitter RM368

FXA10254 - ML-3 Receiver RM528

FRW20101 - ML-3 Modulite Remote Control Set w/case RM838

FFW002AA - ML-L3 Remote Control for F65D/D50/D70/D70s/D80/D90/D5000 RM98

Wireless Remote Control

VBJ003AE - WR-T10 Remote Controller for WR-R10 (Transmitter) RM228

VBJ004AE - WR-R10 Wireless Receiver for WR-T10 RM328

VBJ004BE - WR-10 set WR-A10 Adapter for WR-R10 RM658

Data Reader

FRW21401 - MV-1 Data Reader for F6 RM788

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