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A) DIGITAL STILL COMPACT (DSC) (Updated On 27 June 2013)
Optional Accessories

VHS00101 - (AN-CP16) COOLPIX Strap RM18

VAK14801 - (MV-11) Cool-Station for S1 RM98

VAK15001 - (MV-12) Cool-Station for S2 RM98

VAK16401 - (MV-14) Cool-Station for S5/S8 RM98

VAK15901 - (MV-15) Cool-Station for S6/S7/S7c RM98

VAW18801 - (PV-10) Dock Insert for S5/S8 RM68

VAK18901 - (PV-11) Dock Insert for S6/S7/S7c RM68

VAK16001 - (PD-10) Wireless Printer Adapter RM258

VAG11701 - (UC-E6) USB Cable for 4100/5100/4600/5600/7600/5900/7900 RM58

VAG12501 - (UC-E10) USB Cable for S1 RM58

VXA13088 - (LC-CP16) Lens cap for S4 RM28

VXA13054 - (EG-CP14) AV Cable for COOLPIX series RM38

VAD00101 - (LC-CP17) Lens cap for S10 RM28

VAD00701 - (LC-CP22) Lens cap for L120, L310 RM38

VAD00801 - (LC-CP23) Lens cap for P510 RM38

VAD01001 - (LC-CP24) Lens cap for P510/P520 RM38

VAD01201 - LC-CP26 Lens cap for P7700 RM38

VAD00301 - (LC-ER7) Rear cap RM38

VAD00901 - ( LC-ER8 ) Rear Lens cap for WC-E75A RM48

VAH10001 - HN-CP17 Lens Hood HN-CP17 RM148

VAW166AA - ( WP-OG1) O-Ring for WP-CP1, WP-CP2, WP-CP3, WP-CP4, WP-CP5 RM38

VAE133AA - (FJ-CP1) Field Jacket for S5 RM438

VPD10001 - (PV-12) Dock Insert RM38

VPD10002 - (PV-13) Dock Insert RM38

VPD10003 - (PV-14) Dock Insert RM38

VDU10001 - (UC-E12) AV/USB Cable RM38

VDU00201 - ( UC-E13 ) AV/USB Cable for S52 RM38

VDA00601 - ( EG-CP16 ) Audio Video Cable for COOLPIX RM38

VAW20001 - (UR-E20) Adapter Ring for P5000 RM98

VAW20101 - (UR-E21) Adapter Ring for P6000 RM118

VAF00351 - ( UR-E22 ) Adapter Ring for P7000 RM128

VAF00331 - (WC-E67) Wide Converter (0.67) for P5100 RM388

VAF00341 - (WC-E76)Wide Converter (0.76) for P6000 RM598

VAF00221 - (TC-E3ED) Tele-Converter (3x) for P5100 RM858

VAF00351 - ( WC-E75A ) Wide-Angle Converter for P7000 RM798

VAJ57001 - ( ML-L5 ) Renote Control for S1100pj RM98

VHS03401 - ( AH-CP1 ) P510 Hand strap RM128

VSH01601 - ( AN-CP22 ) COOLPIX Strap RM38

VSH01601 - ( AN-CP21 ) COOLPIX Strap for P510, P500, L810 RM38

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