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Nikon Bibocular 9 ( Page 41 )

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Digiscoping/Viewing Eyepieces for EDG Series
BDB800AA 16x/20x Wide EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-20W w/Case 1,968
BDB801AA 24x/30x Wide EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-30W /Case 3,058
BDB802AA 30x/38x Wide EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-38W w/Case 2,328
BDB803AA 40x/50x Wide EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-50W w/Case 2,458
BDB804AA 60x/75x Wide EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-75W w/Case 2,628
BDB805AA 16-48x/20-60x Zoom EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-20-60 w/Case* 3,688
BDB806AA 20x/25x Long Eye Relief EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-25LER w/Case 2,778
BDB90193 EMA-1 Fieldscope Eyepiece Mount Adapter 418

* Not for digiscoping

Digiscoping Eyepiece for ED50/EDIII/ED82
BDB90097 16x/24x/30x Wide DS Eyepiece 1,258
BDB90098 27x/40x/50x Wide DS Eyepiece 1,418
BDB90099 40x/60x/75x Wide DS Eyepiece 1,468

Digiscoping Eyepiece for MONARCH 82/60
BDB920WA 38x Wide MEP-38W 1,888
BDB921WA 20-60x MEP-20-60 1,888
BDB922WA 30-60x Wide MEP-30-60W 2,888

Fieldscope Digiscoping Attachments
BDB90079 FSA-L1 DSLR Camera Attachment (ED Series only) 1,998
BDB810AA FSA-L2 DSLR Camera Attachment (EDG Scopes only) 4,218
BDB90193 EMA-1 ED Series eyepiece converter for EDG scopes 418

Nikon 1 Fieldscope Digiscoping adaptor and Bracket
BDB90080 DSA-N1 Nikon 1 fieldscope adaptor - for EDG fieldscope, ED82/82-A/EDIII/EDIII-A/III/III-A/ED50/ED50-A 1,048
BDB90161 DSB-N1 Nikon 1 fieldscope bracket -or EDG fieldscope, ED82/82-A/EDIII/EDIII-A/III/III-A/ED50/ED50-A 898

RA III Digiscoping Eyepiece
BDB90176 20x/25x Wide DS Eyepiece 458
BDB90177 16-48x/20-60x Zoom DS Eyepiece 778

Digiscoping Camera Bracket
BDB90158 FSB-7 Fieldscope Camera Bracket for S5100 618
BDB90159 FSB-8 Fieldscope Camera Bracket for P300 658
BDB90157 FSB-U1 Digiscoping Universal Bracket (Coolpix) 1,268
Universal Camera Bracket for Digiscoping 1,308
BDB90160 FSB-UC Digital Camera Bracket FSB-UC 1,358

Other Fieldscope Accessories
BXA30549 18" FSB Cable Release-1 148
BXA 30560
ED50 Hand-holding Strap 208

11 November, 2016

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