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Nikon Launches Download Center

(24 Dec 2014) Nikon launches Download Center for Nikon software, firmware and product manuals in a global site

A global site supporting 43 languages and consolidating the latest information and downloads of Nikon software, firmware and product manuals


Site Seeing: Photoshop Free Online Version

(27 Jan 2011) If you want use potoshop software; a image editing software for free, please check out:

All you have to do is to create an account with the site.

You could even store your images at the site and use it anywhere as long as there is computer with internet connection.


Compatible Printer Drivers for Mac

Compatible Printer Drivers for Mac

We get some people asking about printer drivers for Macs. This site shows some models of printers use the same technology but branded differently. This allows the use of Xerox printer with Samsung drivers, because Xerox does not provide drivers for Mac.

Click here to read more.


A Free Downloading Site For Image & Photo Editing Software

(1 May 2010) I came across a nice image and photo editing software for FREE Downloading.

It is simple to understand, easy to use and most of all it is free. Check it out.

Category: - a site all about amazing pictures

(16 Dec 2009) The program 'Click' by BBC introduced a nice site which is the first collaborative photo encyclopedia. You could upload your photo works and let members vote, you could vote members' pictures everyday and most of all, you could enjoy amazing pictures at this photo encyclopedia. The numbers of pictures are growing. Enjoy!


Free Downlaod for picture editing software - picasa

If you are looking for a free photo editing software, Google's Picasa is a right choose. Just visit the site and download the latest version of Picasa which is version 3.6. I am sure you would find it amazing.


Looking for great pictures? Look for Miri Photographic Society

(5 Dec 2009) If you are looking for beautiful photographs created by locals, you could check with the website of Miri Photographic Society. Many of those photographs are creative and artistic. Please visit:

If you are thinking to get the print out with frame, please contact us.


A Guide to Japanese Visas

If you are in the process of applying Japanese Visa, the followings are some information that might help you.

- A Guide to Japanese Visas -
V. Documents to Be Submitted with Visa Applications

The following documents must be submitted whatever the purpose of the visit:


Photographic Products Comparison Site -


I would like to recommend a site that for photographic products comparison;
A lot of comparison and recommendation you can find from the site, specially when you are not sure of certain products and looking for second opinion.

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